Go into the wilderness on a clear night and look up. Look long. Then you will have seen something of Faêrie.. . .


... about the author

* What is Cecilia writing next?

Cecilia is currently working on a non-fiction project.

* Can you tell us some personal details about Cecilia?

Cecilia lives with her husband in Victoria, Australia, and is the owner of two dogs of indeterminate breed. She supports animal rights and enjoys writing, reading, multimedia and horticulture. She is a keen conservationist and is donating part of the proceeds from every copy of THE BATTLE OF EVERNIGHT to the Royal Melbourne Zoo's "in situ" elephant conservation project, which aims to preserve land in Sumatra as habitat for elephants.

* Where can we send fan-mail?

Fan mail will be forwarded to Cecilia if you send it to
PO Box 9113
Brighton, 3186

or you can send it via her publishers,
Pan Macmillan Australia,
Level 4, 627 Chapel Street,
South Yarra, 3141

Or you can write to her on Facebook.

Due to work committments, Cecilia cannot always respond personally to letters, but she tries to do so whenever possible. If you have general questions, please check the FAQ before asking!

* When is Cecilia Dart-Thornton's birthday?

August 11th

* Besides the Bitterbynde Trilogy and the Crowthistle Chronicles, what other stories by Cecilia have been published?

- A short story entitled 'Long the Clouds areOver me Tonight' has been published by TOR books in an anthology called 'EMERALD MAGIC: Great Tales of Irish Fantasy', edited by Andrew M. Greeley.
- Another short story entitled 'The Stolen Swanmaiden' appeared in THE AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S WEEKLY.
- A novella, 'The Enchanted' appeared in ''Legends of Australian Fantasy', edited by Jack Dann.
- 'The Lanes of Camberwell' can be read in 'Dreaming Again', a collection of short stories edited by Jack Dann.